Text Box: Are you ready to walk down the hallway past the gift store of any hospital or medical center 
to meet your interview & review committee? We can remove any doubt from your mind preferencing 
your communication with discreet and specific answers; but most importantly prepping you to listen to 
the qualifications your future director is seeking from an appropriate candidate. If you have applied in
years present and past through ERAS and have not matched then its time to shed light on your blind spot.
A most difficult proposition as it requires one to request help! 

An absolute necessity if one is to succeed as a physician in medicine!
Are you ready to make that call or risk timing out of the process?

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Interview Prep?

Upon invitation to interview we will provide as much or little preparation as you desire


including role playing of the anticipated interview by and between the "review committee", program director and you.


We will also consult with you regarding appropriate and inappropriate body language tells as well as wardrobe



We will then mirror your presentation as a final prep.


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Doctors for interim,

off cycle or direct appointment to Primary care or Surgical Residency training programs. Please reply with your Curriculum Vitae, Personal Statement and test scores,

Thank you!

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